Publications – Reviews & Commentaries



Methods in Molecular Biology: CryoEM

In situ imaging and structure determination of biomolecular complexes using electron cryo-tomography

Kaplan M, Nicolas WJ, Zhao W, Carter SD, Metskas LA, Chreifi G, Ghosal D, Jensen GJ



Microbiology Spectrum

Electron cryotomography of bacterial secretion systems

Oikonomou CM, Jensen GJ



Subcellular Biochemistry

The Structure, Function and Roles of the Archaeal ESCRT Apparatus

Samson RY, Dobro MJ, Jensen GJ, Bell SD

Annual Review of Biochemistry

Cellular Electron Cryotomography: Toward Structural Biology In Situ

Oikonomou CM, Jensen GJ



Methods in Microbiology

Electron cryotomography

Oikonomou CM, Swulius MT, Briegel A, Beeby M, Yao Q, Chang Y-W, Jensen GJ

(proof available here)

Nature Reviews Microbiology

A new view into prokaryotic cell biology from electron cryotomography

Oikonomou CM, Chang Y-W, Jensen GJ



Nature Structural and Molecular Biology

Data management challenges in three-dimensional EM

Patwardhan A, Carazo JM, Carragher B, Henderson R, Heymann JB, Hill E, Jensen GJ, Lagerstedt I, Lawson CL, Ludtke SJ, Mostronarde D, Moore WJ, Roseman A, Rosenthal P, Sorzano CO, Sanz-Garcia E, Scheres SH, Subramaniam S, Westbrook J, Winn M, Swedlow JR+, Kleywegt GJ+

Current Opinion in Cell Biology

The bacterial cytoskeleton: more than twisted filaments

Pilhofer M, Jensen GJ

Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics

Electron Tomography of Cells

Gan L, Jensen GJ



Methods in Enzymology

Cryo-EM, Part B: 3-D Reconstruction

Jensen GJ

Methods in Cell Biology

Bacterial TEM: new insights from cryo-microscopy

Pilhofer M, Ladinsky MS, McDowall AW, Jensen GJ

Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology

Electron cryotomography

Tocheva EI, Li Z, Jensen GJ


Electron cryotomography of bacterial cells

Chen S, McDowall A, Dobro MJ, Briegel A, Ladinsky M, Shi J, Tocheva EI, Beeby M, Pilhofer M, Ding HJ, Li Z, Gan L, Morris DM, Jensen GJ



Current Opinion in Microbiology

Electron cryotomography: a new view into microbial ultrastructure

Li Z, Jensen GJ


Cell biology. Protein filaments caught in the act

Jensen GJ

Comment on

Electron cryomicroscopy of E. coli reveals filament bundles involved in plasmid DNA segregation



Annual Review of Biochemistry

Toward a biomechanical understanding of whole bacterial cells

Morris DM, Jensen GJ




Electron cryotomography

Murphy GE, Jensen GJ

Current Opinion in Structural Biology

How electron cryotomography is opening a new window onto prokaryotic ultrastructure

Jensen GJ, Briegel A